Engaging   someone   and Evoking   an   Emotion

is what I've been after for over 35 years as an art teacher,

an advertising creative director, and as a fine artist.


I have a B.S. in Art Education, a Commercial Art Degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and 24 graduate credits in Administration from Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh. Being creative and mentoring up-and-coming creatives is a passion of mine. You can see that same passion for mentoring on the basketball court thanks to my college and high school coaching experience. Ask me for a schedule so you can come see a game. Win or lose, we will entertain.


One of the most important tactics for any marketing plan is the use of new technologies and emerging trends and the creation of online materials that enhance the user experience.  Using these tactics has been a mainstay in the many convergent marketing campaigns that I’ve had the pleasure of spearheading.


Examples of marketing successes that I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the years ranges from regional clients like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clearview Federal Credit Union, and Jenny Lee Bakery to national clients such as Budget Saver Popsicles, EHS Support and Transition Lenses.


Creating a large piece of art with oil pastels isn't very efficient. But I'm most satisfied when drawing, and I'm also most satisfied with the unusual effect the layering of oil pastels can provide.


Consider my art a travel log of everyday life and everyday people. I truly believe that everyday is a gift. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel that way every day, but it does come out in my artwork. My goal is to have the piece make your heart smile a little. You should say "ya, that's the gift of life right there."


The beauty of life. I see it just about everywhere I look.


Christopher Visgitis is an award winning art director, creative director, basketball coach, and artist. Contact Chris at 412.310.3060 if you'd like to hear more about his work, or if you have your own gift of everyday life that you'd like to share.





Board Member for Autism Connection of PA


A member of the Coaches Association Of Western Pennsylvania


Gallery Artist at Gallerie Chiz in Shadyside


Member of the Oil Pastel Society of America



Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

Book: Mountain Man by Vardis Fisher

Movie: Babe (the pig, not the athletes)

TV Show: Moonlighting with Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis

Sports Team: The Dave Cowens led Boston Celtics of the mid seventies, and the Steelers of course.

Super Hero: Flash as a kid, my mom and dad as an adult


The Award I Think I Should Win Is...

The Persistent Award